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Jun 29 2024


9:00 pm

Truth or Dare’s Burly Battle Royale

June 29th at 9:00 pm

From the creative minds of Cybil Unrest and Truth or Dares core performers we give you Burlesque Battle Royale!

This a live burlesque dancing game show with audience participation. We have judges, we have props, we have rules, we want you to come and yell for your favorite performer to win!

Game concept:

We will introduce the contestant performer.

The performers pick a random song out of a hat.

Each act has a lucky audience member spin a wheel we’ve dubbed “curve ball”. This curve ball throws a suggestion at the performer, such as, “use a rubber chicken” or “do a cartwheel” the performer must incorporate this into their live act.

Then said performer contestant does a burlesque dance live to a song they don’t know and they have to throw in that cure ball suggestion! All for your entertainment.

Rules concept:

Contestant performs the game.

Judges pick a winner based on a point system.

Audience picks a winner based on applause.

2 contestants are awarded.

It ends with a Dance off Battle Royale of the 2 two winning performers. Only one will be crowned Truth or Dares Burly Battle Royale Campion!

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